emergencies of the orbit and adnexa 2017

bipasha mukerjee


this handbook on orbital, lacrimal and eyelid emergencies deals with such situations in a practical manner guiding the ophthalmologists in accurate handling and making them more proficient and confident in managing vision and life-threatening emergencies. with 51 chapters and more than 350 images, this book covers all the eye emergencies that generalist and specialist ophthalmologists can expect to come across in their day to day practices. it can be argued that the orbit can no more be called 'pandora's box' because of the unpredictable nature of its contents. this perception has changed over the years due to the advent of improved diagnostic, in particular, imaging techniques. however, since medical residency provides very little exposure to orbital and adnexal disorders, most clinicians are inexperienced and unsure about their management. facing an emergency situation where improper management can rapidly worsen the condition leading to blindness or even death of the patient is every ophthalmologist's nightmare. the emergent nature of these conditions does not always provide for a leeway to refer these patients to an orbit and oculoplasty specialist, who are few and far between.
by the time the patient reaches his destination, his vision maybe irrevocably lost. the legal implications of such mismanagement can be significant too. this book is a quick and essential resource to manage and refer eye emergencies with confidence.show more

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